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It is our great joy in sharing the amazing success that our clients have achieved for themselves. 


"I want to be a legend!"

Shanti Chandra

Placed: 3/15/24


Success Story: Case manager and client met and started working towards client's goals of becoming independent while being close to family who can support her if needed. CM made Community Choice Voucher referral and assisted client through the process by assisting her obtain a BHA voucher and assisting her leasing office become contracted to work with BHA. CM moved client into her own apartment and is now budget coaching and to help client work towards full independence.


Shanti wants her story shared and states, "I want to be a legend!" Shanti is a survivor of a traumatic experience which led her to attempt to take her own life at the age of 13. She survived the attempt, and she has been wheelchair bound since. In the last year, at the age of 21, Shanti had unexpectedly begun to move her lower body in ways that did not seem possible and now doctors believe she can make a full recovery and in her future, walk again. With this new health change and support from social services in her community, Shanti states that she is excited for life, and feels ready to try and live independently. She now lives in her own apartment next door to her father and brother. Shanti is proud of her apartment, is enjoying decorating, and starting to plan new goals, like going to college.

New Job Date.jpg

Levather SeymourPlaced: 3/5/24Success Story: Levather Seymour has been looking for a job for months and faces several barriers: a recent criminal record (misdemeanors within past 3 years), long gaps without work history, lack of transportation besides the bus, etc. CM McNally helped Levather get a subsidized bus card. CM McNally made client a resume and applied to several jobs client was interested in.


Unfortunately, even though client was called several times for various job interviews, her criminal record held her back as she could not pass a background check, and she even had a job offer rescinded at some point. This caused a lot of emotional distress and frustration for Levather. However, she was persistent and wanted to keep trying, and CM was happy to help. CM McNally looked for positions that would work with her record and finally found one as a season Fish Clipper at the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery. They were willing to take on Levather despite her record. Levather says it has been working out and that their location is fairly easy to get to from the bus. Levather has been working there for about a month now and says it is a good job for her situation right now and provides some extra income. CM was happy to be able to help Levather find a job that meets her needs for her current situation and goals and will be happy to continue to work with client for future ones as well.

Client A

Placed: 3/29/24


Success Story:

Client A faced challenges in finding affordable housing while working part-time. Aware of the long wait times for assistance programs, she knew securing a full-time job was her best option. With determination and support from her case manager, Client A prepared diligently for interviews. On March 26th, her efforts paid off when she impressed her potential employers and received a job offer. Starting on March 29th, Client A embraced this opportunity as a step towards stability and a brighter future.






Client B

Housed: 3/27/24


Success Story:

Faced with constant rejection, Client B

refused to be deterred from her dreams of stability. Despite setbacks in securing housing and employment, her Case Manager's resourcefulness and the HOME-ARP Grant became her lifeline.


Through perseverance and with the support of her Case Manager, Client B secured a job as a caregiver with a Home Health Care Company. This job provided the means to secure affordable housing, where she moved in triumphantly on March 27th, 2024.


Client B’s journey is a testament to resilience and the transformative power of belief. With determination and the right support, she turned rejection into a heartwarming success story, inspiring others to persevere in the face of adversity.

New Job Ahead.jpg
Happy New Home.jpg

FCS-SE, Geron Lawrence


Placed 2/16/24, P/T Cleaner at the Tacoma Dome


Geron faces many barriers that has made employment difficult, but he remains motivated and works well with his Case Manager to take on goals and better his life, as he says. Geron has spent most of his life homeless or bouncing between jail and Western State Mental Health hospital. Geron has several mental health diagnoses and past trauma, along with being a former SUD user. He also has a criminal record that has prevented him from getting jobs. He lives in a transitional facility at the moment and came into the Supported Employment program right from jail and without many belongings; no phone or bus card either. CM helped him get both these items and ended up finding him a job as a Cleaner at the Tacoma Dome. CM passed by Tacoma Dome and wondered if they were hiring. CM contacted a contractor company from the website and they were hiring. Luckily, they take on employees who have past criminal records too. Geron wanted a job where he did not have to work with a lot of people so it was a good fit. CM helped Geron get a uniform for his job as well. Even though client faces many struggles day-to-day, client remains motivated and CM is happy to help him on his employment journey wherever it takes him.


Case Mgr: Mary McNally





FCS-SH Justin Fulton


Rental Agreement signed 2/14/2024

Justin was first referred to Consistent Care while staying at the mission. Justin has been battling homelessness for over two years staying, and sleeping under bridges and at Howard Amon park. Justin is currently a stage 4 cancer patient and is deemed terminal. Aside from his diagnosis, Justin has chosen to continue living with dignity and courage. Justin has two bright kids who are both in college who are his pride and joy. Justin has been so committed to finding housing that with the help of Consistent Care case manager Avel, Justin was granted a HEN voucher from HRC, and was approved for a studio apartment at River Park apartments. Justin is eligible to have his rent paid so long as he remains in good standing with the HEN program. 

Case Manager: Avel Diaz


June 2023

Lottie T. became a client in March 2023. Lottie was living at Kadie Glen Assisted Living facility in East Wenatchee after a long hospitalization about a year prior.  Lottie was extremely motivated to rent her own one-bedroom apartment anywhere in the state of WA. We began coordinating care with Lottie’s Aging and Adult Care Case Manager. After a lengthy application process. Lottie was rejected by Quincy Vista for not having enough rental history. After a long appeal, we were able to get Lottie approved.  Lottie was finally approved to move in June 2023 after submitting the paperwork. We were also able to purchase essential items for Lottie at the dollar store, as well as take her grocery shopping upon arrival to Quincy. Lottie was extremely grateful for the entire experience and thanked us for our hard work.  Lottie and I plan to continue to work with one another under FCS H for community integration, as well as continue to follow up with her ADLs/basic needs and to ensure that her transition is successful.   

Sarah C, Housing and Employment Specialist

November 2022

Brooke was introduced to Consistent Care most recently as someone whose name had “slipped through the cracks” each time she tried to connect with services. She had been through our services before, but sometimes the timing isn’t right. Brooke needed intensive medical case management to get orthotic shoes with toe inserts, braces for her arms and wrists, recovery from multiple surgeries, dentures, and basic human needs like shelter, food, and water. As a mother and a victim of the opioid epidemic, Brooke has been enduring living on the streets for the better part of the last decade and has paid in fingers and toes, which she lost to frostbite. This October, Brooke moved into her first apartment on her own. Brooke is so happy to have a door to lock; she couldn’t remember the last time she had her own door that no one else could enter but her. She has onsite free laundry facilities, a porch all to herself, and an entryway that’s “perfect for a little Christmas wreath!” Brooke’s home isn’t quite everything she dreamed of, but it is right for her. She is grateful to not have to spend another winter on the streets; even her counselor congratulated her and had the entire staff sign a card for her to show how happy they are for her. After over a decade on sidewalks and under bridges, Brooke gets to rest her head on her pillow, in her home, behind her door that locks.

Hannah K, Housing & Employment Specialist


July 2023

Dondalea had moved in with her friend at The Mesa Apartments and within a week they were having issues, arguing constantly, and her roommate was threatening to kick her out. After we confirmed that her roommate could not legally kick her out, she began treating Dondalea even worse to get her to leave on her own and was threatening to call DSHS and her HEN provider and tell them that she lied to get into services to try and get her terminated from those programs. I spoke to the property manager at The Mesa Apartments and asked if Dondalea was eligible to move into another unit on her own because if she chose to leave her roommate's apartment, she would have nowhere to go. Her mom was not allowed to let her back with her per her mom's landlord and she had no one else she could stay with. Grey had another studio apartment available and said if we could get confirmation that HEN would continue paying rent at the new apartment, she would allow Dondalea to move into it. We called Neighborhood Connections to ask if HEN would pay rent at the new apartment instead of the one she shared with her roommate and initially, they said no because they had just paid move-in costs to get her into the apartment with her friend. It took a few phone calls and speaking to managers a few times but we were finally able to get NC to agree to pay the rent at the new apartment if we paid the move-in costs. Dondalea was able to sign the new lease and moved into her empty apartment where she slept on the floor for three weeks until her furniture arrived that was purchased with TAP funds. She now has a fully furnished apartment and her friendship with her ex-roommate, which we were sure would be finished if she continued to live there or left and became homeless, is getting better every day. The last day I was at Dondalea's apartment when I had finished putting together her bed frame, her stepdad was there and told me that they never imagined Dondalea would get approved for her own apartment, let alone get a fully furnished apartment. They thought they were going to have to "scrimp and save to get her everything she needed" and said they told her to prepare to sleep on the floor for several months while they saved up to be able to afford a mattress. He thanked me for helping her and said this program is a life changer for people like his stepdaughter. 

Randi C, Housing and Employment Specialist

June 2023

Carl Woolery was able to meet and sign his lease agreement with Bishop Skylstad Commons. Carl completed a walkthrough of his one-bedroom unit and obtained keys!  Carl was assigned to CCS in May 2023. Carl had some past housing barriers but was motivated to find housing and willing to explain anything needed in order to overcome these housing barriers. Carl was very engaging in the housing process and even encountered COVID and had to be quarantined during the process. Carl still managed to get the required paperwork that was time-sensitive. With the help of his care team and great communication, Carl now has an apartment.

Victoria R, Team Lead

Kerry G, Support Services Supervisor

April 2023
Trevor has been a client since 2021 and has had many challenges in his life that were barriers to his success. His history of legal issues and mental health struggles has prevented him from having stable housing and employment.  Trevor is often difficult to work with due to aggressive tendencies and difficulty communicating meaningfully. Eventually, his case worker gained his trust and respect to help him effectively. After some extensive research, his case worker found him an apartment in Seattle as an option. Trevor was not willing to live in Seattle. Other options in Everett near family or other support systems were denied.  His caseworker was persistent in filing documents under the Fair Housing Act and other documentation to support his case until Trevor was approved. During this process, his case worker coached him and prepared him for his new housing environment and roommate. Trevor has worked really hard to turn his life around and stay healthy. Today, he is living in his new apartment, thriving, and has another chance at living independently.

Alisha R, Nurse Case Manager

April 2023
Client L.L. was enrolled in our Hep C Coordination program with Amerigroup. He was referred to CCSS in Tri-Cities for CG services for housing. When I first contacted L.L., he had just been discharged from a hospital after receiving six weeks of IV antibiotics for a complicated infection. He had been homeless for five years and was incarcerated for 29 years prior to that. For two months, he had spent all his income on a motel to continue to shower daily to ensure his wound would heal properly. When he was approved for a medical respite bed, he was appreciative but also apprehensive. He kept saying, “So you’re sure this is really going to happen?”
Meanwhile, another CCSS employee, Victoria R, applied for him to live at the Bishop Skylstad Commons. Within a day, he was approved to move in. He called me with utter excitement and gratitude. Now that he has a place, he is ready to proceed with further treatment.

Kirsten H, Department Supervisor

September 2023

Justin has been a client since February 2023. He was originally homeless in Snohomish County and working with Melissa. He left for treatment and came to Bellingham to a post-treatment facility run by Lifeline Connections. We started working on a HAP while he was still in the facility, and he decided he wanted to go to clean and sober housing in the city of Bellingham. Many of these options required him to share a room with 3 other people, but we found him a single room at Maplewood House for $500 a month and he moved in on September 15th. He enrolled in school at Whatcom Community College and started classes on September 19th. We also were able to purchase him a bed and desk through TAP funds since the room was unfurnished. He got really lucky; someone had just moved out and had been there for 3 years. Rooms don't become available very often there because of the inexpensive rent. He is working hard on his recovery and as a returning adult student.

Holly T, Housing and Employment Specialist

July 2023

Nicole S. has been a homeless single mom for months with two small boys, ages 12 and 7. She finally got in at Catholic Charities at the brand new facility. She is happy to have the support from Consistent Care and is thriving in her new home.


Charles T. has been homeless for years and his story is hard. He is on the SO list, even though this was 30+ years ago this still lingers over him to this day. It is hard enough for a homeless man to get housing let alone have that challenge. Charles is finally housed at El Estero apartments and is happy to be off the street and to have a place to call home. 

Mellanie M, Housing and Employment Specialist

July 2023

Amber D. had been living at the Starlight Motel in Pasco for the last 2 years before she came to Consistent Care for some help with her housing needs. Amber had been jobless as well and felt like she was at her wit's end and she was close to just giving up and heading for the streets.  When I first met Amber, she was passionate about finding a job and a home. She worked just as hard as I did on looking for that perfect spot and that perfect job.  Amber successfully found that job in June of 2023 at the Dollar Store in Kennewick where she works the closing shift and she absolutely loves it.  Within a few weeks of Amber finding her job, we were lucky to stumble across the perfect apartment for Amber and things just seemed to fall into place. Amber signed her lease on July 14, 2023, couldn't be happier. 

Mariah came to Consistent Care after a small stint in jail. After being released, Mariah found herself homeless with her 2-year-old son and was living on the street. Mariah was told about Consistent Care and reached out.  Mariah was placed with a Case Manager and found her strength to fight and get back up. Mariah and her Case Manager worked together to find Mariah and her son a new home. In July of 2023, Mariah reached out to her Case Manager. They couldn't be happier to have a place to call home. 

Kristal S, Housing and Employment Specialist

July 2023

Jesus G. is coming out of a program called ROD'S House. The case manager and I worked hard to find the client housing in Sunnyside, after the client found a full-time job at Yakima Walmart. Jesus talks about how he is so tired of working hard, then going and blowing his money on drinking or partying on drugs. He stated, “I may be young, but I am so ready to finish that part of my life.” His parole officer in Sunnyside, confirms that he is working hard so he can transfer everything to Yakima, where he works. His goal is to buy a car and have a place to live on his own. He rides his bike to work and to OPT. He is currently living in the Passion House, which is helping him stay on track by being accountable and following the guidelines.


Sharkel P. has been a client since March 2023. She self-referred herself to the housing program after her apartment was flooded and needed to be remodeled. Due to Sharkel's lack of rental insurance, she became homeless with her two kids. When I first met Sharkel, she informed me that she had been couch-suffering since October 2022. Due to her credit and collection debt, it was extremely difficult for Sharkel to find an apartment complex that would accept her rental application. In late June, Sharkel applied for a 3-bedroom apartment at TMG Properties, and she was approved. She moved in on July 13 after being homeless with her kids for almost a year. Sharkel is currently finishing up her GED at Columbia Basin College. She is also on a Section 8 housing voucher, which provides her with ongoing rental assistance to live comfortably till she finishes her schooling.

June 2023

We have been working with Julius for about 11 months with housing stability. He is now permanently housed. Amerigroup brought him some furniture and we helped him get partial custody of his 14-year-old son. This was a lengthy process, but well worth it. He gets to see his son every other weekend and on Wednesday. He is living in a 2-bedroom unit because when he applied for it, he had 50% custody. Now, his son gets to sleep in his new bed in his dad's new apartment and on Father’s Day!

Veronica C, Housing and Employment Specialist

September 2023

Nicholas R is housed at OUR Passion House. This is a Sober living house. Nicholas stated that last year he drank so badly that he could keep warm. He also states that when the nights were super cold, he would work on his Uber Eats app to make enough money to get a hotel room for the night. After doing this for a while, the client finally went to detox, where they helped him get into the JOTC treatment center. We are now helping him get into a sober living house that will help him with his sobriety.

Aerial was in an Oxford House when she relapsed and eventually lost her visitations with her children. After losing her kids, she was fighting hard to stay clean and sober. We helped her get on the HEN and ABD program, then she applied for help through the Triumph shelter. She was just approved for a one-bedroom apartment, and she is able to visit with her children. In fact, she for the first time was able to take her kids to the fair.

Delilah and Eric are a married couple who have been on an adventure together. They both are in recovery and have been clean and sober to make sure they get visitation with their children. Eric is currently a part-time student who attends drug court, and he is currently looking for a part-time job. They moved into an apartment that had roaches and mice, the ceiling caved in on them and the bathtub backed up on them with feces in it. We were able to find them a new apartment that has none of those issues.

Gregory has been a client for a little over a year now. He started with me when he was coming out of a treatment center. I started to help him, and he was housed in an Oxford house. I helped him get a job at a local Safeway. He worked the night shift, because of the hours he began to get his nights and days mixed up. With the help of his peer coaches, we were able to find out he was missing his medications. So, we helped him with reminders and then asked for DSH to help with getting him into an Adult Family Home. The team and I then helped the client apply for the HEN and ABD program. So that helped him pay his rent. He then moved out of Oxford, and into a Sober Living House. There the housemates helped Greg, with reminders to eat, take his meds (the little things he needs reminders of). His peer coaches even made huge calendars to remind him of his appointments. Finally, the DSH case manager called him back and stated she found him a place at an Adult Family Home.

July 2023

Enrique L. has the goal of wanting to be a firefighter. He has been in and out of prison, county jail, and treatment programs. He was staying in Camp Hope Shelter when he came to Consistent Care for help. Since then, he has only relapsed once. He was very honest with me about this because I had found him a bed at Progress House, (Sober living house). I called him and told him, “They have a bed for you.” He was humbled and surprised, but he was ready to get back on track. He then made a commitment to go to 3 NA meetings a week. After he completed his 3 meetings, he got to move in with his family. The following Friday he got a call to go be a firefighter.


Joshua I. had just been released from prison. He started working and needed help with getting into a program that would help him stay out of prison. He decided that going to the Progress House would help him stay on track and out of trouble. He wanted to be around peers going through some of the same issues and hear about some of the ways they were able to prevent going back to jail. Joshua is a 20-year-old young man, who is now working at Tree Top full-time, and attending his weekly meetings. He says he is too busy to do dumb things. He wants to work, buy a car, and pay his bills.

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